solo exhibition review by Jonathan Goodman.

In this artist talk, focusing on my Transitional Spaces series on display in the Structural Impediments solo exhibition, I've invited hydrologist Dr. Erin Haacker to join me and share her research on aquifer depletion. Teaching at the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, her research involves interdisciplinary collaboration studying the High Plains Aquifer in Texas. She uses models linking groundwater, surface-water, economics, atmosphere, and combines the modeling of groundwater and surface-water interactions with statistical data analysis. There are some banjo tunes and exhibition installation and detail views included at the end of this talk as well.

In this interview I talk with host Zach Rodgers about my time at Tallix, an art casting foundry in Beacon, New York, that was one of this city’s last connections to its industrial past. We also discuss recent developments within my creative practice and a few directions I've been working in, as the Sculpture Program Head at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, to develop interdisciplinary curriculum that incorporates hands-on making processes along with digital fabrication technologies.  

Writer and curator Jeanne Brasile has featured my public art project Rivers, Blocks, and Bridges to Newark Bay.

I discuss points of inspiration and an early memory finding a ready-made Lucio Fontana sculpture on a construction site I was working on with my Dad, back in the day.

interview on the occasion of a solo exhibition at Matteawan Gallery, I discuss the early influence of skateboarding as well as touch on the Monster Trucks for Social Justice series.

feature on the Home Improvement exhibition curated by Deborah Brown in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

coverage on the Art in Odd Places Public Art festival. In 2012, over a period of two weeks, I participated by walking the east to west length of 14th Street, in lower Manhattan, while rolling the seven foot diameter Reciprocal Ladder sculpture.

This 2 minute promotional video highlights a collaboration between the Sculpture Program and the Occupational Therapy Department at SJU.

This article describes a collaboration with the Barnes Arboretum in my Sculpture and the Environment classes at SJU that explore the fields of environmental ethics and environmental art.

Speaking with Jose DeJesus, I discuss aspects of interdisciplinary foundational studio art pedagogy in Parsons School of Design's first year Space/Materiality course, the benefits of limitations in lesson planning, being present for students, aspects of embodied learning, and design efficiency found in nature.

Speaking with artist, educator, and gallery director Alison McNulty, we touch on topics of site responsiveness, site-specificity, performance, and environmental ethics, as they relate to foundations and studio art pedagogy, as well as connections with these topics in each of our respective creative practices.

Speaking with Lyn Godly, Full Professor of Industrial Design at Thomas Jefferson University, we discuss our work developing studio art and design pedagogy informed by a healthcare context.

As non-profit gallery co-directors and artists with dedicated creative practices themselves, Lauren Whearty and Emma Wilcox each have a unique vantage point on the topic of studio art professional practices curriculum.

In this conversation with Susan Altman and Erika Mahr we explore our shared experiences related to the many benefits and challenges of teaching studio art to non-majors.

In this conversation, I speak with Michael Asbill and Amanda Heidel about Amanda’s Mushroom Shed MFA thesis project, which explored the mushroom lifecycle as a model for community engagement through developing connections between the State University of New York at New Paltz Sculpture Program, the Biology Department, and the surrounding community.